Articles featuring Nancy Marcus:

College Daze - HTML or PDF File
Private Clubs
by Karen M. Thomas
November/December 2008

Need help gaining admittance? Hire a private college counselor. - HTML or PDF File
Chicago Sun-Times
by Merry Mayer
Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Student Counsel
Stanford Magazine
by Jeff Brazil
Nov/Dec. 1999

Articles about the College Admissions Process:

For a Lucky Few, Room at the Top - HTML or PDF File
The Wall Street Journal
by Andrew Ferguson
March 14, 2008

College Touring 101 - HTML or PDF File
Drive -
by Marcy Black
Spring 2008

All Soccer, All the Time? How Not to Kill Kids' Love of Sports - HTML or PDF File
The Wall Street Journal
by Sue Shellenbarger

Motherly Advice: One college president's vision for guiding her son through the college selection process.
University Business
by Laura Skandera Trombley
December 2006

The Swarm of the Super-Applicants
New York Magazine
by Marisa Meltzer
November 27, 2006

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